I focus on character creation, optimization, and multi-classing. Formerly a 3.5e player I have permanently moved to Pathfinder. If you have any questions about dm-ing, handling problem players, optimizing unconventional builds, multi-classing, or looking for character advice I am always available and look forward to hearing from you.

RPG's such as 3.5e and Pathfinder are team based and influenced by roleplaying and character development. You may create the perfect character build, but that does not make you immune to role playing decisions or the luck of the dice. If you feel that certain classes are useless or certain combinations are simply awful I will prove you wrong every time.

If you do not support my views or suggestions that pertain to the question that was asked, or if you feel that your opinion is the only correct answer, feel free to down vote me like the many other narrow minded individuals on this site that already do. Unlike them I do not care about 'reputation' for I am only here to contribute and answer questions as best I can.

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