I have been playing roleplaying games since 1986, initially with the BXCMI Dungeons and Dragons, then moving to Rolemaster in it's many forms. I have both played and GM'ed and if pushed to decide would say I prefer to GM.

Other systems I have played/run include Spacemaster, Champions, Earthdawn, D&D (2e, 3e, 3.5e), GURPS, Mythus (Dangerous Journeys), Shadowrun, HARP, Wheel of Time RPG.

I am currently involved in a monthly 3.5e D&D game playing a ranger/wizard/duskblade/unseen seer/spellwarp sniper (it's a long story) follow it at the Helsmuth Campaign.

I'm also running a Dangerous Journeys/Mythus campaign. Why I decided to do that is an even longer story.