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Can our badges be some symbol that's more recognizable than just featureless hexagons?
13 votes

Make the Badge icons we already have even better. I've taken the liberty of creating a few mockups of possible badge designs that keep to the dice format while maintaining its linework at lower ...

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When should I comment?
3 votes

Comments are directly used to improve the context of a question by requesting additional information, if your comments are being removed, its most likely because you could be straying off topic from ...

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CSS woes: blue links, messed up user page (Are we getting an upgrade?!)
0 votes

Yeah I don't personally have any problems with the blue links as they're easier to see, but the profile pages being skewed downward and whatnot is funny looking at the minimum.

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When editing, how drastic is too drastic?
0 votes

From what I've seen, drastic changes to answers like the ones you've presented should be instead added as their own answer, instead of amending someone else's answer. If someone else was short, and to ...

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Dissatisfied with problem-player questions
4 votes

Well personally I think that each Problem-player or problem-GM question does have a myriad of issues that can be addressed individually which can lead to some pretty complex answers. I don't really ...

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