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Developing yet ANOTHER programming language (EDDON), but I wanted to do things differently. I firmly believe that computing has gone in a very wrong direction, mainly to appease the idea of an "Application" being a separate unit (for sale) rather than an integrated part of the system. When we think about programming languages as a tool for integrating systems rather than for producing product, we can take programming into new areas that haven't been explored in 40 years. I think those areas are worth exploring using todays technology and computing advances, with fresh eyes and a sharply tuned focus toward manageability and parallelism.

I also mean to address reverse tainting ... just as an app can't trust the user to enter data without scrubbing it, hostnames and IP addresses should ONLY be entered by the user or should be verified by the user before opening a socket connection. Lets rethink the OS, rethink the language, and stop having 20 layers of cruft slowing down our systems and making them fragile. The old systems were slow, but rock solid reliable. Lets reclaim that!

Also developing my own table-top RPG based on realism and strategy. Its for gamers that are looking for a very hard-core gritty system where you need to rely on your wits and not lucky dice rolls.

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