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Is something wrong?
21 votes

The site, and its users and moderators, have several problems beyond those already mentioned. Here are the ones I've noticed. Most apply in meta or in meta-commentary on posts, but many also apply in ...

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How should we tag questions about making magic items?
13 votes

Use crafting whenever it's about any character crafting any object, and magic-items whenever magic items are key. Whenever systems have commonality between different types of crafting, it's better to ...

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Tool recommendations aren't off topic yet, Or: Let the community actually decide on that first, because we didn't
7 votes

I had a big long answer written up, but I don't really think I need one. Let's turn back the clock and peer way, way back in time to the antediluvian period, in ancient August of that long-vanished ...

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Have links on Meta been rewritten for the new HTTPS domains?
4 votes

Pace doppelgreener, I don't think it's exactly a problem with Community ♦ forgetting to rewrite domains. Rather, it was my custom at the time to use protocol-relative URLs just in case someone ...

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Is it appropriate to define what should *not* be in an answer?
-1 votes

If your list of stipulations includes basic reiterations of generally-applicable site rules, like GS/BS, not just links, and so forth, those are generally redundant and tend to produce bad results. ...

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Cross System Questions and How to Tag Them
-3 votes

This is one of the cases where system expertise is necessary to tag correctly. That is, the asker might reasonably believe a mechanic to be identical between editions/systems, but turn out to be ...

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