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26 votes

How to improve/maintain the quality-of-life of small fandoms in the face of a dominant big fandom on an open Stack Exchange?

22 votes

Re-revisiting the "don't guess the system" policy

13 votes

Do we need the [rpg-pop-culture] tag when we have [history-of-gaming]?

12 votes

Uncomfortable about inconsistent application of criteria for valid answers

10 votes

The tag wiki/excerpt for [mouse-guard] should probably be updated

10 votes

Can the system tag policy be stated to askers in advance?

9 votes

Should this general PBTA tag be removed when there is already Dungeon World tag?

8 votes

Can I get some examples of users assuming a question is asking about D&D 5e when it's explicitly tagged as being for another system/edition?

7 votes

How do I ask statistics questions on this site?

7 votes

What is our stance on "Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers"?

6 votes

For general 'universe' questions, should we keep a generic 'universe' tag or tag all the various systems available for the game?

4 votes

Role-playing Games's updated site theme is live!

3 votes

Why would this question about obstacles in Dusk City Outlaws be considered unclear?

3 votes

How can I find questions that don’t require system-/setting-specific knowledge to answer?

2 votes

Are potatoes on-topic here?

2 votes

Checking in: do we need any updates to our Citation Expectations Q&A?

1 vote

How can I better formulate this question about Easter Eggs in 5e adventures to make it stackable?

-1 votes

Should this revision to a 3 year old (formerly) designer reasons question be a new post instead?

-8 votes

Revisit: Is "5e" a clear enough statement of game system by a question asker to determine that the question is about D&D 5e?