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I had always loved adventure games. The only video games I ever play are co-op as that is why this format is perfect for what sates my desire. (people working together creating synergy) I was born unto Pen and Paper D&D over three years ago. I began on fifth addition as a DM; as no one wanted to lead the group, I jumped in and consequently fell in love. I have since ran multiple games for a variety of players.

I have some player time logged just to learn how to be a better DM and I read a tremendous amount of techniques, styles and opinions on "How to DM the right way". My style panders to who is seated at my table. It's not about me; it's not my game, it's theirs. I give them what they want and more importantly what other DM's wont.

I am an Italian Chef and obviously passionate and creative. Pen & Paper RPG's allow me to have an unrefined yet subtly structured outlet to pour my heart and soul into for fun. My mind lives in the worlds I create. I speak as if that world truly exists while at my table. My one goal is to make them see my world is not only alive...but real. I provide a vivid canvas for you to paint yourself into and belong.

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