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Should we be slower about deleting obsolete comments?
-3 votes

I agree that (the case of particularly problematic comments notwithstanding), it's generally a good idea to avoid cleaning up comments too quickly after they're posted, in order to allow the users who ...

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What to do with a good answer to a duplicate question after the closure?
1 votes

Another option I've seen done (not sure if it's been done on this SE site) is to reverse the direction of the duplicate link to point the older question to the newer one. I've seen this done in the ...

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It's [time] to remove a tag, but are there some good replacements we can make first?
0 votes

The existing pacing tag might actually be a good choice for some of the questions about RL time; where that's not a good fit, I like "time-management" as Hey I Can Chan suggested in a comment. For ...

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