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What are RPG.SE's goals for Hot Network Questions?
12 votes

HNQ should promote our best content As it stands now, HNQ–both here and on other sites I've observed–tends to feature the perverse, controversial, eye-catching, or bizarre questions of the site. This ...

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When answering a question, is it good to give a partial list of possibilities?
3 votes

I've done some partial lists. I've always felt poorly when posting them, because they never feel like a complete answer. Here's why: Partial lists aren't clear A partial list leaves the impression ...

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Is this question about bonus actions a duplicate?
-2 votes

The second potential duplicate fits as a canonical answer. After careful analysis, I think the second linked "duplicate" fits the best as a canonical question and answer. With a simple edit ...

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Should we be tagging individual spells?
-3 votes

The tag system is emergent, and if we're getting a substantial amount of questions about a single spell, a tag should be made for it. To say that any question asking about a particular spell needs a ...

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