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Did you know that in Pathfinder:

  • If you aren't humanoid, you don't take a penalty on grapple checks when you don't have 2 hands free?
  • A particular triggering event can only grant a single attack of opportunity, but that a character with Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp gets two attacks of opportunity when they successfully trip a foe, as a successful trip and an opponent falling prone count as separate triggers?
  • That the feint action is not a combat maneuver despite requiring similar prerequisites and being located near the combat maneuvers in the rulebook?
  • That there are no rules for how a mount's actions are restricted by being mounted?
  • That you can't combine Vital Strike and a charge unless you have the Gorum's Swordsmanship feat, because Vital Strike requires you to use the "attack action" which is different from a melee attack?

Pathfinder rules are weird. Heck, the grappling rules are so unintuitive and complicated that fans have made giant flowcharts to explain them to new players.

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