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What's to be done with the "stochastic characteristics" question?
9 votes

"What does academic literature have to say about [subject within roleplaying]?" is a suitable question for this site. That said, I don't think the linked question is very clearly written (or ...

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When rules change but votes don't, how to handle it?
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Comment on the old obsolete answer and the question. If there is no reaction to the comments, then edit a note on the obsolete answer, as per suggestion 4 in the original post. This gives the ...

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What conventions will RPG.SE members be attending?
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Ropecon and Tracon, both in Finland, pretty much every year. I generally game master something, and may give a talk on some subject, as well. If anyone happens to visit Finland at the relevant times, ...

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Did you spot a redundant tag? Possible tag synonym? Post it here.
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probability and statistics seem to cover similar ground.

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