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Why was the edit suggestion correcting an error in this answer rejected?
Accepted answer
6 votes

I'm not one of the reviewers, but if I were given the review, I would have rejected it for precisely the reason you've listed for one of the edits you made: I replaced the spell Bolt, which is wrong, ...

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What is our stance on "Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers"?
4 votes

Unpinning makes sense for some questions and not others Stack-Exchange has three types of questions on the network: Ones with an objective answer that is correct, and a different answer may become ...

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Should questions about dice in general be on-topic?
1 votes

Asking questions about dice should be on topic Just because there are other stacks that may also fit a topic does not mean asking about that topic should be off-topic here. For example, questions ...

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Purveyors of fine cheese!
0 votes

I submit this answer for consideration as it allows you to make a block of cheese out of an unbounded number of Simulacra.

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Downvotes - comment or negative reputation?
-2 votes

Based on doppelspookers answer it seem like we don’t want to force comments on downvotes because we don’t want unhelpful arguments to ensue. That being said, down voting without a reason leads to ...

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Is this question a duplicate?
-5 votes

It is a duplicate because both your question and the second link are asking "What is the definition of 'willing'?". Just because you frame the question asking about the negative does not mean the ...

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