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32 votes

Please give your feedback on a new "Subjective Citation Needed" post notice

8 votes

How should this question about content in a site that includes piracy be handled?

7 votes

How is the [system-agnostic] tag supposed to be used?

7 votes

Request for feedback on Good Subjective moderation

7 votes

Should we encourage users to wait 24 hours before accepting an answer?

6 votes

How Trivial an Edit is Too Trivial to Make?

5 votes

Are rules questions that require a developer (official OR non-official) response ONLY valid for our stack?

5 votes

What stack do I go to for RPG information designed for people who actually want to enjoy the game?

5 votes

Are questions about understanding game concepts allowed, even if I am not currently facing a specific problem involving that concept?

3 votes

Should we dupe the older question to this newer question about unarmed attacks and spells?

1 vote

Should we ever close a question as a duplicate of another closed question?

-1 votes

Should this question be reopened (when we don't know if it's OP's actual question)?

-1 votes

How should we sort out this question that was closed as a duplicate of another closed question?

-2 votes

Time to retire the [rules-as-written] tag?

-11 votes

A Modest Proposal for answers that aren't backed up