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Are MUDs/MUSHes/etc. that use RPG systems on-topic?
14 votes

My vote is that their existence being confirmed or not is on topic, but specific MUD mechanics questions like what @JonathonHobbs mentioned in his comment are not. A gray area I can see here is ...

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Links to "D&D Tools" / dndtools and similar sites
6 votes

I contend yes, addressing it would be worthwhile. Even though posting a link doesn't violate copyrights, the posting of a link does endorse a site. This endorsement flows through to copyright ...

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What should I consider before posting a question and answer it myself
4 votes

I agree with WaxEagle's answer. I'd like to add another example of when it would be appropriate, as I see it. Since I wasn't certain of the way to rule that, I posed the question (which can stand ...

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FAQ additions for answers/comments
3 votes

Seconded. In addition to what Brian Ballsun-Stanton mentions, I agree with point three because I myself have misused the comment thread before learning the de facto of it's use. The first point is a ...

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Are "list questions" on topic?
1 votes

I am against list questions in general but it seems some of them are useful. Not the ones that expire a week after they're posted, though. Examples... Fighting Skills equivalent to skills Not a good ...

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