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We could use some more pro-forma comments
-2 votes

I find form comments incredibly off putting on the various stackexchange sites I frequent. I don't think they should be encouraged in any way! :)

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What should I consider before posting a question and answer it myself
-3 votes

I don't see community wikis used very much on this site; aren't those perhaps a better way to "answer your own question"? At least when the question is involved, without a simple black+white answer.

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Can we re-evaluate our comment deletion policy? (or at least have access to the data?)
10 votes

I've definitely had comments on one of my own answers suddenly deleted, because a mod simply didn't realize that the comments were relevant and necessary. They saw them as pointless rules wrangling ...

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How do you handle comments from users without enough rep to comment?
1 votes

As a new user, I find it completely baffling that I can't comment. Doubly so because (unlike with downvotes) it's not obvious why. I initially thought I just didn't understand the UI. If the rep ...

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