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Why are my questions being downvoted?

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Should this stack ban ChatGPT?

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Are self-answer questions still allowed?

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A Modest Proposal for answers that aren't backed up

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Appropriate response to questioning which version of D&D I'm asking about

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Which answer should I accept if the rules are ambiguous on the matter?

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What defines too Broad as it applies to these two questions?

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Can we add the feed of RPG.se Hot Network Questions to the chat feed?

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Are we more lax on questions if they deal with sensitive subjects?

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How is the [system-agnostic] tag supposed to be used?

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Are the citation requirements for objective questions not applicable to systems like World of Darkness/Mage the Ascension?

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How should I post additional tables for this question about Known Spells?

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Should we introduce tags for specific Metamagic options (such as Twinned Spell), and what happens to the [metamagic] tag?