DIRE: Tomb of the Fallen

How I got here (Big improviser, sandbox-oriented)

When I was a kid I loved those Read your own adventure books, but I didn't like it when none of the options presented suited me. That's the main thing that caught my imagination when I first learned about RPGs in the early 1990s. Since then, I've managed to become a big improviser, heavy houseruler, and a fan of sandbox-style (I have played with a couple of railroaders, a bit frustrating at first but then just went with the flow and enjoyed the story).

I knew I wanted to play RPGs but had no clue how. First step was to buy one of the Red-Boxes. I tried to convince many friends to play. But since I had never played or even seen someone play I struggled a lot with the rules (I don't think it was fun for the friends who agreed to try it out).

By mid-to-late 90s, I finally met friends who had played before. Some had been playing for years. In those years I discovered most of the systems I play today.

I moved to another city in the year 2000 but found a gaming group without much hassle. Now I have several friends who like to play, so we have a very long list of in-progress games. We just get together and figure out which to play depending on who shows up.

The systems I play the most are:

  • DND 3.5E (and a bit of 5E) - Mainly a DM, but occasional player.
  • Vampire - Mainly a player, but occasional GM.
  • Werewolf and Hunter - Occasional player.
  • Mage and Kult - Occasional GM.
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