I've wanted to learn and play D&D since childhood. As a child of the 70's, formative years in the 80's, I somehow just never got around to it. Well into adulthood now, it's time to begin.
Very recently I purchased the basics (5e Player Handbook, DM Guide, Monster Manual, Lost Mine of Phandelver Starter Set, and a bunch of dice).

It is here, in the starter set, working my way through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, that you find me: new to RPG's and loaded with questions.

I'm adventuring through this intro "module" solo (playing all parts: dm, and 5 premade characters that were provided). This is proving immensely helpful in terms of knowledge growth, but the learning curve is pretty steep. This is to say nothing of the fact that the adventure is all "spoiler".

I look forward to both input and output here.

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