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Very familiar with the Pathfinder 2e RPG, have been playing since the first playtest documentation was released. Here's a list of things I've done with the system:

  • Ran a pirate homebrew campaign from ~10th-20th for 11 players that originally started in Pathfinder 1e
  • Ran the Pathfinder 2e playtest adventure Doomsday Dawn (1-20 in 7 discrete levels/sections)
  • Ran a converted Pathfinder 1e adventure path Strange Aeons from ~9th-20th that also originally started in Pathfinder 1e
  • Ran a second group through that same Strange Aeons conversion but from 1st-20th
  • Played as Sir Tain Daroom the paladin true count of Draynor with a Karamjan horse in a Runescape inspired homebrew, 1st-2nd
  • Played as Bongo the "Wave-breaker" the beach-dwarven mountain monk fisherman in a dwarf-centered homebrew 12th-13th
  • Played as "Veni Valentine" the ancient elf feybound sorcerer in a homebrew campaign from 1st-9th
  • Ran Malevolence for a group from 3rd-5th, ended on indefinite hiatus
  • Ran a few Pathfinder Society scenarios at various levels, big fan of A Frosty Mug and Grim Symphony
  • Running the Pathfinder 2e adventure paths Extinction Curse and Agents of Edgewatch, currently from 1st-20th and 1st-11th respectively
  • Playing as Ula the hold-scarred orc martial disciple barbarian who rose up against tradition to fight a path of justice with her tribe in the Age of Ashes adventure path from 1st-8th

Played and ran a fair bit of Pathfinder 1e before that, I do occasionally miss some of my old characters including:

  • Veraseth Sorlais PhD, MD, a toxin codexer who never truly got over the loss of her friend to some misidentified berries
  • Noble spellslinger whose name I can't remember in a badlands themed homebrew who had a heart of gold and eyes to match
  • Sasha Potato-Vodka, a midwife cleric of Pharasma and my first character, he was poorly-thought out overall but I still enjoy the idea of building around something non-combative and incredibly situational like profession(midwife)

I've also played a small amount of other RPGs including 5e, Monster of the Week, AD&D, GURPS.

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