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41 votes

Is something wrong?

32 votes

“Is something wrong?” Yes: Too much moderation

28 votes

How is the community doing? [2021]

20 votes

Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy

18 votes

Dissatisfied with problem-player questions

15 votes

Revisit: Is "5e" a clear enough statement of game system by a question asker to determine that the question is about D&D 5e?

13 votes

Why is the general community of this site so toxic?

10 votes

When is the [sexuality] tag an appropriate tag for a question?

7 votes

Are our implicit-information tagging practices becoming a problem?

6 votes

Why is an answer being downvoted without any comments?

5 votes

Have the pros and cons of Badges been reevaluated recently?

4 votes

WotC announced that a "new evolution" of D&D will be coming in 2024. Is it too soon to pose and answer questions about it?

3 votes

Answers that agree with other answer

3 votes

“Is something wrong?” Yes: Too much moderation

2 votes

How much pedagogical detail is legit in student-oriented game recommendation?

2 votes

Is our books vs e-readers question primarily opinion based or OK?

1 vote

Is an answer on topic if it recommends a game that isn't a role-playing game?

1 vote

Can we improve the way we treat newcomers?

1 vote

Are we comfortable with our current position on deleting general answers to system specific questions?

-2 votes

Community self-evaluation: How are we doing with game recommendations?

-2 votes

Workshopping Question about picking the right weapon

-3 votes

Are potatoes on-topic here?

-3 votes

So, let’s talk about rule intent and question closing

-5 votes

Can we provide a good tag wiki for [mental-health]?

-6 votes

Are tool recommendation questions on topic?

-8 votes

Voting on Subjective Answers

-10 votes

Tool Recommendations Should Be Allowed