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What do we do with questions about a different version of a spell but with the same D&D edition?
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17 votes

Officially, there aren't different versions of the same thing in 5E — the later versions supplant them. In this interview, Jeremy Crawford says: The spells from Princes of the Apocalypse that ...

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Experiment: More aggressive review queue indicator
14 votes

This will mean you'll be notified of outstanding tasks you can't clear. This is going too far. You know when you go to some site that you don't even have an account on and it's got a fake bar at the ...

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Can we merge or switch the duplicate of the Crossbow Expert questions?
6 votes

As asker of the original question, I don't have a strong opinion, but I think mine is really the better dupe target as it covers non-spell, non-crossbow ranged attacks as well. If someone comes along ...

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