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Are we allowed to quote from D&DBeyond? [duplicate]

D&DBeyond is the official online source for D&D 5e. If not more people, then at least a significant portion of people, have access D&DBeyond rather than the PHB. When quoting rules excepts ...
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What is the policy about link targeting locked content? [duplicate]

This question references, which is an official WoTC website. The problem we face with this content is that it is not accessible without a twitch account (afaik). This ...
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Are you allowed to change citation style?

I had had this happen to me several times. I had chosen one citation style that I generally did apply in all my old answers since some date, which goes like Book <(edition)> <(year)> p.##. ...
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Should we be adding DNDBeyond links to old posts?

DNDBeyond is Wizards of the Coast's official 5e digital support site/tool. It contains a rules compendium, monster listings, spell and item descriptions, and space for homebrew spells/items/races/...
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How to handle incorrect quotations from 3rd party sources

In this answer, the quote provided from Roll20 incorrectly capitalizes the "a" in attack. In this situation, should we: Fix the quote so it's correct but leave the citation link Fix the quote so it'...
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What is the clearest way to format links to D&D Beyond alongside quoted rules?

In the 5e part of this site there's a heavy emphasis on rules quotes. What is the clearest way to quote rules? Option 1 (link then quote)
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DND4.0 - Should Links to DDI Material be Encouraged or Discouraged?

I've been adding links to the DDI Compendium in my questions and answers. However, not everyone has access to the compendium. I find those links very helpful when discussing specific D&D4 ...
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How should we handle adding citations to older questions and answers?

While I understand we've had guidelines on Meta to discuss how a user should handle their own citations, I think we should visit how and when we should edit Questions and Answers regarding citations. ...
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Is D&D Beyond an official rules source? [closed]

This question is being handled on mainsite instead: Is D&D Beyond an official rules source? Following some discussion (in chat, starting here) it was decided this question basically came in two ...
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How to link D&D Beyond without owning the related resources?

As someone who asks a lot of mechanic-related questions, I often get edits where links are added to D&D Beyond. I would love to do this myself but I am not a fan of D&D Beyond and thus have ...
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What is the best practice for editing in references?

Lately I have been making small edits to posts to include quotes, references to the books, and links to online resources when a question does not include them. Some good examples of this are these two ...
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