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For discussions and policies that are about handling the FAQ and processes to update it. This is NOT about proposing a question for the FAQ.

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FAQ Maintenance 2023

Our FAQ has become quite cluttered and convoluted. There are many issues with it, but among the most pressing I currently see: There are 3 questions about recommendation questions, which is a mess. ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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What's the actual process around [faq-proposal]s? [duplicate]

Use real headers instead of fake headers just went from faq-proposal to faq without apparent discussion about the change, and Can I send private messages to users? became an faq-proposal. I thought ...