Sometimes, I want to link to some online character or NPC generators. However, I know that some of the online resources, especially spell lists, are actually copyright violations.

Are these online generators ok? Here is an example.


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Recommending an online generator is OK.

There's nothing inherently wrong with recommending a tool. Keep in mind, though, that link-only answers are bad: you should be explaining in your answer post why the sort of resource you recommend is the best solution, such that a future reader who found your link had rotted would still know what they're looking for and why.

That online generator is certainly not good to link to.

That generator's creating characters for D&D 5e. Any Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition product that's using material beyond the SRD and isn't licensed to do so by WotC is in violation of US copyright and/or trademark laws unless it falls into one of several narrow categories of works exempt from said laws.

The site you link does not describe a special license agreement, so when the first result I saw included the Goliath playable race--a race not in the SRD--I knew already that it was very probably living outside the law.

[Note that products distributed through DMs Guild hew to their own license: read their help pages for some more info. I've personally found their staff to be very responsive: do reach out to them if something's not clear.]

And we shouldn't link to resources that we know are in violation of US copyright/trademark law.


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