This question about spells that are on the ranger spell list and not on the druid one had some contention early on, but its voting has settled down now. Some were saying that it was easily researchable, while others were saying it was not and therefore valid.

Is this bounded list question acceptable in the Role-playing games stack exchange?


Bounded list questions are on-topic

But that doesn't necessarily make them 'good' questions. But 'good' is also a very subjective thing.

Folks can think "Hey, I like this, it's useful" and give it a +1.

Others may think "Hey, this person is just asking us to do the work for them" and give it a -1.

No one is right or wrong. It has nothing to do with how simple or how difficult the task is.

The key is just in whether or not it's a bounded list (and even that is a bit subjective), but ultimately you can ask bounded list questions here.

A bigger concern is that those lists may become out of date upon the publication of new materials that could add to it. And that's where it's frustrating because few of those answerers return and or/know to update their answer. And then you've got incorrect answers.

  • \$\begingroup\$ closure has nothing to do with how simple or difficult a task is, but voting totally does. 'lacks research effort' is a stock -1 reason, and a good one. We get enough completely trivial questions on this site as it is. \$\endgroup\$ – Please stop being evil Oct 2 '19 at 1:21

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