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How is the community doing? [2017] [duplicate]

We wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. A little more than a year ago, we had a pretty lengthy discussion about site problems; it ...
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Is something wrong?

Before you consider answering or voting, please read the whole question. As the second of three questions mentioned in this meta, I wish to ask if something is wrong. The meta question was inspired ...
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How is the community doing? [2023]

We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. This community check-in has been done for the last few years (...
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A proposal for moving forward with Rules as Written

With a lack of clear data on intended use being a major sticking point in the recent discussion on the rules-as-written tag, we’d like to make a proposal that should gather useful data on how often ...
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Cultural relativity and the appropriateness of potentially offensive words

I was surfing the side-links today and came across an answer that had been edited to replace a word with another which, according to the comments relating to the edit, was intended to be a less ...
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How shall we frame our upcoming revisit of the Don't Guess the System Policy?

As a community, we should discuss how to frame the upcoming revisit of the Don't Guess the System Policy. We need a transparent and fair vote, so we ought to establish voting rules that prevent ...
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What's next for the issues raised in the community check in?

As I am writing this, it has been 45 days since the 2021 Community Check-in. Many of the answers identify observed site trends, with scores indicating community agreement with those observations. So ...
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Tool recommendations aren't off topic yet, Or: Let the community actually decide on that first, because we didn't [duplicate]

A few hours ago, a tool-recommendation question was closed as off topic with the close reason we're now applying to game recommendation questions: Way to manage world factions and events. Now I see ...
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Can we agree to stop downvoting non-opinionated, factually correct answers?

I can only guess, but for me it looks like people put their own playstyle as a measurement what is good and what is bad for this site. Wake up. Your playstyle is not the only playstyle. Stop being so ...
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The policy change regarding game-rec questions needs review

A recent meta post about the efficacy of game-rec questions, which had the initial tone of "How are we doing with this question type?" became a tacit vote to ban the question type. This is ...
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How to deal with tug-of-war close reopens?

So this question has a very odd edit history, being closed as primarily opinion based by five users, re-opened by five-users, and finally being closed by a diamond mod. The reason this is such a ...
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This site is too heavily moderated

There seems to be a cavalier attitude to closing questions and deleting comments. As a newcomer to the site, it's off-putting. I would like to see a change in the core moderation philosophy here. I ...
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2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Tool Recommendations Should Be Allowed [duplicate]

Our game-rec discussion that ended in game-recs being banned focused specifically on game-system recommendation questions (i.e. those tagged game-rec) for the meta-statistics used to support banning. ...
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One-sided comment moderation

I bring this up with regards to, but it is something I have encountered repeatedly on this site, and something that apparently others have also noticed: ...
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