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Sometimes a question post might have multiple questions in it. This tag is for asking about those kinds of posts: whether and when such posts are acceptable, how to handle them, etc. See also [question-scope]

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I have multiple questions about the Slow spell in D&D 5e. Should this be one post, or two?

Should this be one post or two posts? Several questions about the Slow spell. For reference the relevant parts: An affected target’s speed is halved, it takes a -2 penalty to AC and Dexterity saving ...
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If I have multiple questions about the same spell, should I make a separate post for each question, or group them into a single post?

I have several related questions concerning the slow spell in D&D 5E. Should I post each one separately, or group them in a single post?
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Should this question - about Extra Attack + Hunter ranger's Whirlwind Attack, and separately about Whirlwind Attack + Horde Breaker - be split in two?

The question Do the Hunter ranger's Extra Attack, Whirlwind Attack, and/or Horde Breaker features work together? seems to be asking 2 entirely separate questions in a single post: One aspect of ...
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Why doesn't this site allow opinion-based side questions?

I have asked several questions which contain side questions. For example, in a question regarding familiars using magic items, I asked What would be the best magic item(s) to give an imp (for ...
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2 answers

Are "bonus question" allowed?

Recently I asked a question that was put on hold for being a "Shopping" question. I believe that is solved, asking not for a specific game but which ruleset allows what I was looking for. Still, ...
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Is there a rule or guideline stating that each post should only ask a single question?

A mod said I should ask if there is a rule that says one single (arbitrarily defined) question per post. Too Broad does not mention it. Is it an actual rule somewhere or a guideline or what? And how ...
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What do I do with a question that contains multiple questions in its body and/or title?

How do I address a question where the description does not match the title? For example, the question's title asks for one specific thing, and in the description, a different (sometimes multiple) ...
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3 answers

Why'd my second question get removed when surely people would be thinking about both?

I get why the rule exists. However when I ask about how healing interactions happen in game, in a very specific format (D&D druid healing in wild shape, if it affects the normal form), those aren'...
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Should I ask one question or several?

I have multiple questions for a spell. The questions cover: Duration of the spell Targets of the spell Effects of the spell After-effects of the spell once it has worn off Would it make more sense ...
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