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For questions on Meta about playtesting and how to handle mainsite questions involving playtesting or playtest content.

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How should we handle changes to One D&D playtest rules that affect questions about previous playtest materials?

At the time of posting, Wizards of the Coast has just released the second One D&D Playtest Unearthed Arcana. It is not surprising that many rules appearing in the first article, Character Origins, ...
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Tag-sorting: [dnd-5e] vs. [dnd-next-playtest]

There's (at the moment of this writing) about 29 questions that mention "DND next", are tagged dnd-5e and not tagged dnd-next-playtest. Some of these questions need to be retagged for sure, ...
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How do we handle questions for systems under volatile playtest?

With the advent of the Pathfinder 2 beta, we're sure to start seeing questions on the Stack here. Just today I saw one pop up in the review queue, and it piqued my interest. This particular question ...
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I just created a thing that needs playtesting. How do I find playtesters among the RPG.SE denizens, or are there other places I should look instead?

So, you, noble RPG.SE denizen, just created a dungeon. Or a character class. Or some house rule. Of course, like a good and noble DM or amateur developer, you want to play test it before you ...
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Playtesting PostApoc "Campaign Prep" Game: Is this an allowed question?

I've created a collaborative narrative game called "Watch the World Die". It generates prompts and event chains allowing a group of players to create "the history of the apocalypse" and it is ...
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Are questions requesting reviews of work on topic?

I think we've agreed that questions asking people to generate content from scratch are off topic. Do we have a stance on questions asking for review of home brew content. For example, I'm working on ...
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