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Should I delete an answer that becomes irrelevant after the question is edited? [duplicate]

For example, this answer (which I've deleted) to What happens when you cast Fog Cloud behind a wall?, but this isn't the only case. The question originally asked about Create Bonfire, not Fog Cloud - ...
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What to do when an edit guesses the system being used rather than waiting for the querent to clarify?

Note: As of September 3rd, 2021, this policy has been removed Following the results of Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy this policy is no longer in effect. New guidance pending. When the ...
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Don't signal your edits in text

To amplify the bullet from here: Stop using the "Edit:" syntax of forums. We have explicit revision histories on everything, so everything should read as if the best version was the first ...
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How can I ask a good homebrew review question?

I'd like to post some homebrew material I've made, and I want people to review it so I can ensure it will work well. How can I ask a good question like this? What are our guidelines for handling these ...
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Is a question that ends up only having 'designer reason' answers off-topic even if designer reasons aren't specifically what the asker is seeking out?

If a user asks the question of why some game element is the way it is, but the user is not specifically looking for designer reasons and there's a reasonable expectation of an in-materials answer as ...
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Should a new user be welcomed before the new user's question is closed?

Recently, I was fifteen seconds into a welcome comment on a new user's first question on which no comments had been made when the question was closed—without comment—as a duplicate. I posted my ...
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When a Question Changes Completely, Should it be a New Question?

I understand that at time questions are unclear, vague, or unanswerable in their original state and need to be edited. I also see the value in the questions changing so much that some of the answers ...
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This site is too heavily moderated

There seems to be a cavalier attitude to closing questions and deleting comments. As a newcomer to the site, it's off-putting. I would like to see a change in the core moderation philosophy here. I ...
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What to do when an answer guesses the system of a question rather than waiting for the querent to clarify? [duplicate]

We have guidance about instructing that we do not allow and will revert any edit that attempts to guess the system of the question and edit it into the question here. We also have related guidance for ...
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Why are Questions marked as ON HOLD allowed to have an answer chosen?

If the community has marked a Question as On Hold (for whatever reason), it seems odd that the Stack system can allow the Querent to choose an answer. Basically, if the question isn't stack ready yet,...
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What kind of edits are acceptable to a question after an answer has been posted?

This post originates from this question, but is not about handling that question. I will summarize the transpired events for context. The question is about a specific rule and at its core about ...
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How to handle answers made obsolete by a change in real life circumstances?

In a rare scenario of some (real-life maybe) events leading to the answer becoming obsolete, what should the answerer do? What should the moderators do? The question that got me thinking is this one. ...
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When a Question changes, should answers change, too?

This question on OOC talk has changed significantly since it was originally asked and several answers given. When something like this happens, offering new information, is is best to edit an answer ...
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Close votes and Edited Questions

I've seen the case where people vote to close based on the format of the question, and suggest improvements. Then the person edits- but perhaps one more vote is needed to close, and someone votes ...
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Should we edit multi-part questions to only favor one part?

Reference: Does natural armor stack with unarmored defense? In this question, there were initially two questions. The question was edited to wholesale remove the second one- but not by the initial ...
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