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Would questions on where to find gaming supplies on-topic? [duplicate]

So, say some dashing rogue with an angry black star in a purple circle for an avatar visits the site and asks a question along the lines of: "Hey, where can I get cheap, quality [iso graph paper/...
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I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go?

I asked a question that got closed for not being suited for the Q&A format that RPG.SE uses, and was told that my question would work better on a discussion forum. Where can I find an RPG ...
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Why is one +21 question On Hold when a similar question is ok with +53 votes?

For what reasoning was this question (What to do about a player who takes risks and dies (without consequence)?) with 21 upvotes and no downvotes On Hold as opinion based and most of the (IMO more ...
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How can I ask for recommendations without getting my question closed as 'Shopping'

Related: I want to ask for recommendations, but that's off topic. Is there any way to ask my question? I'm starting a new 5th edition D&D game with a group of friends. I've DM'ed before, but ...
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FAQ Maintenance 2023

Our FAQ has become quite cluttered and convoluted. There are many issues with it, but among the most pressing I currently see: There are 3 questions about recommendation questions, which is a mess. ...
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Can we ask about the existence of a game?

There's a type of question that sits right on the edge of our old game-recommendations set of questions: the “does it exist?” question. Viewed in one light, these are just game recs in sheep's ...
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Are "bonus question" allowed?

Recently I asked a question that was put on hold for being a "Shopping" question. I believe that is solved, asking not for a specific game but which ruleset allows what I was looking for. Still, ...
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Why do we close questions asking for a range of practical options?

On a few other stacks, I've come across questions that people here would probably consider too broad, and closed accordingly. However, many of those were actually very helpful to me as a curious ...
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Is there a chat room to ask off topic questions?

I want to ask a recommendation type question which I know are strictly off topic due to the nature of the question. I know in other stack exchanges there is a chat room where such questions can be ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic? [2015]

Game recommendation questions are sadly NOT on topic here on RPG.SE. This means the following kinds of questions are off topic: I want to play (details) kind of game/story. What game should I use to ...
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Why is this question not off topic?

A question, asked years ago, was voted closed as off topic by the community. It is a shopping question, and all shopping questions no matter how good or bad were deemed off-topic. It was reopened by ...
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How do I ask for fan theories?

I have just asked a question relating to Mordenkainen, and this answer refers to a fan theory which I found really interesting. I would be very interested to see if there are any other similar ...
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